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James Berardinelli Excellent Internet movie critic
Roger Ebert New and old movie reviews from America’s #1 critic
Rotten Reviews by America’s top critics Top movie/TV/game critics all in one place

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Movies With Butter From the creators of Rotten Tomatoes, an aggregate movie news site!
The Internet Movie Database The #1 site for all movie fans
Ain’t it Cool News Infamous movie site with plenty of movie news, rumors and reviews
Dark Horizons Excellent site for all the latest movie news and previews
Coming Soon! Guide to movies, videos, games, books, music and products
C.H.U.D. Cinematic Happenings Under Development
Latino Review A guide to upcoming movies with a Latino twist Hollywood’s latest scoops destination…
Empire Movies Cool dudes with movie reviews, posters, trailers and more
Movie City News Hollywood’s One Stop News Shop
Yahoo! Movies Cool corporate source for upcoming movie info via Greg’s Previews
Moviefone Another corporate site (AOL) with trailers and much more
Variety The Hollywood source
Hollywood Reporter The other Hollywood source
Simply Scripts Links to hundreds of movie scripts transcripts
The Movie-List The ultimate movie trailer site on the Net
IMPawards Top site for all your movie poster needs
Box Office Mojo! Numero uno site for all your box-office needs

Buy Movie Stuff Buy DVDs, books, CDs, toys, videos and more… (for Canadians) Buy DVDs, books, CDs, toys, videos and more.. (for Brits) Buy DVDs, books, CDs, toys, videos and more… The world’s largest poster and print store.
Movie Poster Shop #1 movie poster site on the Net. Over 600,000 items to choose from… Movie, TV-related limited edition figure collectibles & more! The world’s largest TV & movie merchandise store. Action figures, toys and collectibles… Rent all the DVDs you want for $20/month with no late fees (U.S.) Over 400 individual movie malls, DVDs, posters, gifts. Over 100 individual star malls, CDs, videos, books…

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Filmwise Movie, DVD screenshot quizzes & contests, infamous “Invisibles”
College Humor Pictures, Movies, Games, Jokes, Articles…
Maxim Celebrities, Hot Girls, Photos, Videos…
Movie-Mistakes The name says it all…you want mistakes in movies, they got ’em!
Liquid Generation Loaded with flash flicks, shorts and games Free Online Men’s Magazine with mucho content
Guests on Talk Shows Find out when your favorite stars are on talk shows
Total Film You know the mag, now check out the website!
FamousWhy Famous people, regions, articles, free software… Funny videos, Cool Animations, Short Films
Starpulse Movies, Actresses, Actors, TV, Models, Musicians, Games..
BlackFlix Cool site with a database of African American movie stars & more
Free E-Cards Online A collection of free electronic greeting cards for all occasions
All Free Things A searchable directory including games, screensavers…
Active-Freebies Offers a large selection of active free stuff
Dream Theater Features free downloadable movie parody trailers