Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors plan to further collaborate “like De Niro and Pacino” in future projects

The Creed III opponents have enjoyed working with each other so much, they plan to collaborate in De Niro and Pacino fashion.

michael b jordan jonathan majors

Creed III has finally made its entrance into the ring, and the consensus has been pretty positive . The standout attention has been rightfully given to the new heavy of the franchise, Damian Anderson, portrayed by Jonathan Majors. Both Majors and director/star Michael B. Jordan have been promoting the film in a huge marketing blitz prior to release, and if you have seen the movie, you have seen how electric the pair can be as friends as well as enemies on screen.

It’s evident that the two had struck up a friendship and enjoyed working with each other on this film, and Variety now reports that the two find their collaboration is worth working together on more projects. Jordan would address the possibility of working with Majors again, saying, “We plan on it.” And Majors simply adds the comparison, “De Niro and Pacino.” Jordan would elaborate on the sentiment, saying, “We’re excited about that, and I have those conversations with him. Acting is such a solo journey, where you’re fighting for your place on that call sheet for such a long time. So when you’ve got somebody that doesn’t care as much about that stuff, it’s like, ‘Let’s go. How much damage can we do together?’” To which Majors would answer, “All of it.”

Funnily enough, De Niro and Pacino haven’t actually worked together on screen very often. Although the two acting legends are almost always joined at the hip when referring to the best actors ever, as well as having a solid off-screen friendship, the duo would only appear in four movies together — The Godfather Part II , Heat , Righteous Kill , and The Irishman . The two would only have extended scenes together in the latter two films, and a lot of movie fans argue that the pair never concretely appeared on-screen together in Heat .

However, working on four films is still a pretty noteworthy collaboration if the execution is successful enough. And the Creed III stars have enough admiration and respect for each other that it looks like the perfect formula for them to make it work. Jordan recalled his approach with Majors to recruit him for the Creed film, “I was all in my head, like, ‘OK, what are the things I would want to hear? This dude can do a million different things right now. What’s going to make him take a chance on this actor-director who hasn’t directed [anything]?’” Majors, in turn, reveals that it was important that he fulfilled Jordan’s intent for his performance, “I care most about what he thinks.”

Source: Variety